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A8-A Mug Heat Press Machine

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Product performance:

1 It used special precise winding tube technique,can effectively guarantee the even and stable temperature.

2 The temperature and time are wholly controlled by electronic;the signal indication is convenient to use.

3 The surface of heating plate can bear high temperature;smooth surface and high strength;fine heat pressing effect,and easy to clean.

4 Spiral pressure design can adjust to the required working pressure randomly.The surface of bottom plate will be set with resistant high temperature silica rubber plate,which makes all heat transfer articles more perfect.

Operation procedures  

please note:Users should operate the machine with ground wire connected for safety!

1.Check the voltage before using it.Then turn on the power supply!

2.Plug in,turn on the power switch of machine,the power indicator lightened.

3.Set the thermostat to the temperature needed (Normally 120-200ºC),set  the timer to the  needed.(Normally 5~20Second).

4.Place the clothes to the main plate,cover the printing paper(please note the right surface of the paper).Press the handle down until reach terminal.

5.When the time come down to over,the buzzer alarms,pull the handle back.

6.If it is cold-ripping of the transfer paper,please use blackboard wiper to rub against the whole transfer paper,wait for 5-10 seconds,then rip off the transfer paper.If it is the hot-ripping of the transfer paper,you can rip off immediately after printing.

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