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Function and working principle of heat transfer machine

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The heat transfer machine can heat transfer various kinds of heat transfer fabrics such as cotton, linen, chemical fiber, etc., and can also perform heat treatment such as screen printing, glue, foaming, etc., and can also color color labels, portrait photos, Landscape patterns are baked on porcelain plates and metal plates, which are especially suitable for making medals, commemorative cards, cultural shirts, etc., which are economical and practical, and have beautiful patterns. It is replacing traditional embroidery and screen printing, but the cost and effect are much lower and better than general embroidery and multi-color screen printing.

According to the shape and function of the ironing board: flat heat press machine (mainly used for clothing and apparel fabric size and size collection), cup ironing machine (can be used to iron cylindrical objects, generally used for cups), cap ironing machine (with round Arc, generally used for finished caps), hot plate machine (also flat, but can stamp hard surfaces such as porcelain and metal). According to operating power: manual heat transfer machine, pneumatic heat transfer machine, hydraulic heat transfer machine (hydraulic heat transfer machine); or manual heat transfer machine, semi-automatic heat transfer machine, automatic heat transfer machine. , Shaking head type, pneumatic type, hydraulic type (hydraulic type), etc.

There are three concepts on heat transfer machine, namely pressure, temperature and time.

Working mechanism: heat is generated by the heating plate, and the layer on the transfer paper and the thermoset are adhered to the substrate or penetrated onto the substrate with a certain pressure, specific temperature and time.

1 (1) The microcomputer intelligent temperature controller \ time integrated controller is adopted for high accuracy (temperature accuracy reaches ± 0.5 ° C);

2 (2) The heating wire and the heating plate are integrally cast, which is safe, durable, and has a uniform heat distribution;

(3) The heating plate is plated with a Teflon anti-stick coating;

(4) Electronic time control, alarm indication for signal completion;

(5) Pressure can be adjusted freely;

6 (6) The bottom plate is equipped with a high-temperature resistant foamed silicone board, which is resistant to deformation at 350 ° C.

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